Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls!

A Fun ADHD Camp specialized for Teen Girls

Riding ADDventures for Girls is a horseback riding camp for the ADHD teen girl in your life! Our camp is for her if she is looking for a FUN riding adventure and wants a sisterhood with other teen girls who share in the same struggles of trying to squeeze their creative, energetic, ADHD self into the public- school mold. ADHD is NOT a failed version of normal… it is simply a different way of being!

If it’s your teen’s first time in the saddle, she will learn horse safety and basic western horsemanship. If she has ridden before, she will have a refresher course on horse safety and be assisted in improving her riding skills.

We are trained and experienced to teach a wide range of riders, so we are able to select the perfect horse for your teen. We will send a rider intake forms for you to fill out and return before your teen arrives. Once here, we will assess her skills, confidence level and size, then assign the appropriate horse and riding group. Our primary focus is: safety, fun and skill advancement. In that order!

To ensure each rider gets the utmost attention, we keep our camp to a limited enrollment.  We accept no more than 8 girls, so that your teen will receive one-on-one attention and the appropriate guidance she requires.

Out of the saddle, your teen will enjoy art therapy projects, team building activities and powerful campfire conversations. Our intention is to give your teen tools to help her develop a heathier self-esteem, gain confidence and self-awareness. Mindfulness and compassion skills help self-criticism and will help your teen to become more confident!

Our Riding ADDventures for teen girls is a 4-day, 3-night, experience! Your teen will sleep in our luxury camping tents and under our big Montana, mountain sky! Our tents are furnished with a battery powered lantern, flashlight, small table, cot and comfortable sleeping mat. Sleeping bag liners and extra blankets are available in case of a chilly Montana summer night! We have 4 different luxury camping tents for your camper to choose from. We have a large tent that sleeps 3, two smaller tents that sleep 2 and one tent that sleeps 1. We encourage your camper to enhance their camping experience and share a tent with another girl or two. But we understand if she really needs and wants alone time, and we have a single tent for such cases.

It’s first come, first serve, so be sure and contact us early to reserve that tent ahead of time.

Last, but not least, our clean old-fashioned, outhouse is a short walk from the tents.

Your teen will have access to showering in our large, outdoor, propane heated structure that faces the Aspen trees, ensuring your camper the utmost privacy!

Our camp is all-inclusive, so your camper will enjoy out-door, kitchen-tent cooked, teen friendly, meals! If your teen has special dietary requirements, please let us know, so we can shop and prepare her meals accordingly.

If your camper has a favorite snack or drink, we encourage her to bring them. We have big Styrofoam coolers for campers to store cool stuff in and containers in the kitchen tent for snacks. We do ask that snacks are not stored it in the tents. We don’t want any small, late night visitors joining your camper in her tent!

There is no cell phone coverage or WIFI on the ranch! We are hopeful that your teen will embrace the time to unplug and take in the beautiful natural setting that the mountains and horses have to offer. The environment plays a huge role in encouraging self-examination and reflection.

Why did we create our Riding ADDventures for teen girls? Simple… we have our family owned and operated, Working Guest Ranch. Our youngest daughter Nikky, is a wrangler for us and this past year she was diagnosed with ADHD. After getting her diagnosis, we were momentarily shocked and then immediately we looked back over the years and the light bulb came on! We now understand and are thankful to know what we are dealing with, so we can jump in and start making changes in our parenting and help our daughter make the changes that she needs in order to be successful in school and life! This began our journey of educating ourselves, assisting our daughter to accept her diagnosis, and guiding her to her find the tools she needs to help herself.

Walking our personal journey is how our “Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls” was born. While looking for resources for our daughter, we found nothing in the state of Montana. So with our first hand knowledge, experience, and professionals, we created one! Our greatest desire was to take this beautiful mountain ranch that God blessed us with and the horses that we love to ride in order to create a haven for girls. We know from experience our daughter’s struggle with trying to squeeze her creative, energetic, ADHD self into the public- school mold. We wanted her to find a sisterhood where she could be herself and flourish in a place she loves while doing what she loves! What a better way to help herself than to help others?

While your teen is at our Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls Camp, the activities she will be participating in will be led by myself. I am a Mom of an ADHD teen girl, a horsewoman, a ranchwife, and a certified Life Coach. I have studied under Christine Tremain LCPC, for many years and have no plans to stop learning from her workshops, classes and retreats. I completed her Mind, Body & Spirit Workshop, Level 1 & 2 for Life Coaches and Therapists. Christine is a licensed therapist, with many years of experience teaching group body-oriented and transpersonal therapies. I attended a master’s level course and became certified in the Touched by a Horse™ Certification Life Coaching Program. I was also trained and co-facilitated a local bi-monthly support group for NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness), until the program was conjoined into a NAMI program in a bigger city. I am certified to teach NAMI’S Family-to- Family Education Program. NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots organization that supports, educates and advocates for individuals with mental illnesses and their families.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the training and the work that I did with the NAMI group, however after our daughter’s diagnosis, I knew that working with teen girls was my passion. In order to best meet the needs of the girls, I also brought aboard a doctor, two therapists and two teachers to assist me in creating a program. We provide a family-friendly learning environment where we assist girls with developing new strategies, improving their current method, and helping them make a conscious commitment to changing their lifestyle, while surrounded by nature and horses. We also help your teen learn adaptive skills and coping strategies that will enhance her talents and strengths. Our passion is, in a nutshell, promoting FUN and well-being in teens while sharing our ranch and strategies we have successfully used!


July 18-21, 2019 (13-15 years)

July 25-28, 2019 (16-18 years)

– Cost $899.00

Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change according to weather, or time adjustments for activities!

Day 1- Thursday

1:00- Campers check in, get settled in Camping tent, enjoy snacks and meet new friends! (Parents sign release forms)

2:00- Opening

3:00- Ice Breaker and team building activity.

4:30- Break

5:00 Meet your horse; groom and connect.

5:30- Horse safety orientation. All Campers are required to participate in our basic horsemanship evaluations and horse safety program before going on any horseback rides.

6:00- Early evening ride to get Campers comfortable and confident on their horses.

7:30- Dinner. Campers roast their own beef hot dogs for dinner, to enjoy with other entrees!

8:30- Downtime. Finishing up getting settled in tents before dark.

9:00- Campfire Conversation and Smore’s around the campfire. (Focus, Self-Esteem, Confidence)

9:45- Journal “What holds you back”.

10:00-  Lights out!


Day 2- Friday 


8:30- Opening

9:00- One on One exercise with horse

10:00- Trail ride (up to 2 hours)

12:00- Lunch in Camp

1:00- Paint Mandala Stones

3:00- Mindful Ride (1 hour)

4:00- Reflection of Mindful ride

5:00 Downtime. Supervised, but unstructured period where girls can work on a small art project, nap, take a walk, learn to rope, take pictures or write in their journals.

5:45 Conversations about the importance of a healthy eating, exercise and adequate sleep.

6:00- Dinner in Camp

7:00- Campfire Conversations around the Campfire (Initiative, Determination, Courage)

8:45- Scavenger hunt in the dark

10:00- Journal “One way you’d like to grow in this next year”

10:30- Lights out!


Day 3- Saturday

8:00-Breakfast in Camp

9:00- Opening

9:30- Self Compassion tools- Identify what ADHD or ADD looks like in teen girls? Identify in self. Discuss how ADHD has affected their life. Positive and negative. Self-Compassion Work.

11:00- Trail ride. (1 ½ hour)

12:00- Sack lunch out on trail

1:00- Relax break. In tents or relax in the lodge or around camp.

1:30- Search for plants or leaves to make bookmark.

2:00- Belief Cones with horses

3:30- Make SMART plans

5:00- Popcorn, music and dancing!

6:00- Game

7:00- Dinner in Camp

8:00 Cupcakes and Conversation around Campfire. (Vision, Gratitude, Respect)

9:30- Journal “Vision Statement for the Future”

10:00- Lights out!

7:00- Breakfast in Camp

8:00- Final Trail Ride

9:30- Take picture with horse

10:00-Make bookmark

11:00- Closing

12:00- Lite lunch (including leftovers)

1:00 Check out and Good byes!   

Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls

Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls by Horses N Courage is a must-do experience for any teen girl with ADHD! Nestled in Sawmill Canyon at the base of the Crazy Mountains, the breathtaking scenery provides a relaxing backdrop. Among classic summer camp activities, the camp incorporates such therapeutic interventions as self-compassion and reflection work, journaling, physical activity, and mindfulness that have been associated with decrease symptoms of ADHD. Learning a new skill is an effective way to work on self-improvement. One of the most outstanding experiences the campers partake in, is the hands-on work with horses! Horses N Courage is certified in the Touched by a Horse™ Certification Program, and they work with each girl individually on basic horsemanship. This is a one of a kind, skill-building, confidence boosting activity that truly fosters personal growth. Such attributes as self-esteem and independence are an important part of competence in teens and can be a challenge with ADHD, yet, Riding ADDventures instills this. I am a Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C). I have a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Rocky Mountain College as well as a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology, with a Minor in Psychology. As a Physician Assistant I am licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. I am able to medically evaluate, diagnose, and develop treatment plans for patients as well as prescribe medications, and perform clinical procedures. I have worked in family medicine, student health, and in PA education. Throughout my career I have gained a wide range of experience with mental illness including ADHD. I have also experienced the effects of ADHD personally within my own family, I understand how consuming the diagnosis can be. However, Riding ADDventures is teaching us that it does not have to be!

-Carrie Hall MPAS, PA-C

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