New Changes for 2019!

Fall is the time of year when we reflect back over our summer season at Horses N Courage, of what worked, what didn’t work, and what we want to do differently for our next summer season. As I shared in our last post, our last group of the season, was our ‘Women Only Week’. I don’t believe in coincidences, so the fact that each Woman that was there, worked in the healthcare profession, made the weekend what it was supposed to be! We had a wonderful time sharing, supporting, riding, seeing new country, eating good food, laughing and having a great time!

Along with this great group of women, were also very fortunate to have my very dear friend Kate Loose, of ‘Seven Diamond Photography’ join us! Kate specializes in life Western Lifestyle Photos. Kate has been one of my best friends for several years and I’ve been honored to watch her, her work, and her business grow and change. Kate took our son Jordy’s, Senior pictures, our oldest daughter, Casey’s wedding pictures, made our video for our website and has taken many, many promotional pictures for Horses N Courage. Yes, Kate is my dear friend, and has photographed many events in our family’s life, but setting our friendship aside, her photos are phenomenal! We were overjoyed to have her join in on the weekend and the discussion as I value her opinion. We both have the same desire to give back and bring good to the planet!

It was during that last weekend with this special group of caring, powerful, women, that the idea of our Ride. Relax. Renew. Wellness Retreat was born! The ladies shared how demanding it is on the mind and body to work in healthcare day in and day out. It was projected how a weekend, unplugged, with the horses, mountains, and a few other modalities would greatly benefit these busy Women. So, Carrie Hall a very dear friend to me who has her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies and is Physician Assistant Certified, (who will also be certified to teach, and/or instruct Yoga by next summer), and I teamed up and put together an enriching program! As we talked to women and what they would like to see in the program, we realized that there are so many burnt out, women out there, whether working in healthcare or any other job, are also wives and moms, that could also benefit from a Wellness Retreat. So, without hesitation, we opened it up to all women! This is just the beginning of Carrie and I teaming up and creating programs to give back and empower women and families! We have lots of ideas driving our passion to give back and empower!

Another change implemented for next summer is to enrich our Women Only Week. It will have the same look as our old, Women Only Week, but infused with Cathy Wood’s Yoga program. Cathy and I are very excited to bring our two programs together! You can learn more about Cathy Woods and her Yoga program at

We are still super excited for our Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls. We are only offering 2 weeks this first year to accommodate the different age groups, 13-15 and 16-18. So, if you have a teen girl or know a teen girl that can benefit from it, please pass our information along! You can also contact me and I will send you out a brochure to give to them.

Speaking of ADHD… Nikky is doing very well on her ADHD journey, we are very proud of her! Her grades are good and she is doing well in sports. She is taking a break from seeing her therapist for a bit and has been working with life coach, Michelle Griffith from ‘Mane Rise Coaching’, who specializes in helping kids with ADHD get organized and make better choices. If your teen could benefit from Michele, visit her website at

And last, but not least for Horses N Courage, the last exciting change for next summer is our purchase of a few miniature horses and donkeys to have for camp next summer. We are especially excited to use them in our Teen girls camp, but we will have them on the ranch for all to visit and pet. Tell me, who wouldn’t benefit from loving on a mini?! Our plans for them the rest of the year is to breed and raise babies. I purchased 2 pregnant mini-mares and a little filly. I will take my mares off the ranch to breed, but Nikky purchased a Jenny and a Jack so she won’t have to find a breeder. We are both very excited for our little side venture. We are excited to share them in camp, but honestly, we just LOVE having them join our family and to enjoy every day!

It’s been a fun fall and shipping season here on the ranch. We’ve been super busy bringing cows home from summer mountain pasture to precondition and sell the calves, from 3 different mountain ranges. We will be shipping our last bunch here in a couple days. Shipping season is always a fun time of year, but it’s also good to have the money in the bank and to start making plans for the upcoming ranch season. It’s then on our cattle ranch that we look back over the year to see what we want to do differently for next year, and what we did that worked great!

We are excited to settle in here in Judith Gap for winter to prepare for, and to enjoy the holidays. We are also planning another trip giveaway! We had so much fun with our giveaway last year, so we want to do it again! Be sure and watch Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win!


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