Today we are doing well!

I haven’t blogged for a few months as it has been a busy summer and we are closing in on our end of summer activities. Our Wheatland County Fair is coming up next week and Nikky will be in the Horse Show and has been working hard all year on her steer to show in the Large animal Fair. She has a great steer this year and it’s going to be harder than normal for her to say goodbye after the steer sale. Engineer Volleyball practice will be starting the following Friday and then school will be starting. Time is going so fast!

We had a great time this summer at Horses N Courage! We had many return Guests that I prefer to call “friends”, as we keep in touch all year and have such a good time riding, eating great food and catching up! I didn’t ride growing up, so I truly enjoy having girlfriends who love horses and riding as much as my family and I do! We did have a shorter summer season this year as we only have 3 years left with Nikky and it’s hard for her to try and work with her fair animals, start Volleyball practice and be in Camp. So we made the decision to cut our season shorter, to make our life easier for us all, but especially for Nikky.

Nikky has had a fabulous summer! I am so very proud of her. She’s done a lot of work on herself with the help of her therapists and being in Camp, in Sawmill Canyon is her happy place, so it was therapy in itself. After seeing her again this summer at our Guest Ranch, I was reminded as to why we started our Riding ADDventures for Teen Girls. She is a different young lady in the mountains, working with the horses, coaching guests with their riding, camping, spending time with her dog and being in nature. It truly is a place of healing and reflection for those struggling. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, what a better way for her to help herself, than to help others! She still has some things to finish up with her personal work, but I’m really confident that by the time school starts, she will be ready to have a happy, successful, confident year! She is more confident, at peace with herself and accepting of what her life with ADHD is going to look like. She’s becoming aware of what she needs to do to be successful in school and life!

Now that we are back under one roof, it is my time to get my projects inside and out done before fall. The one that inspires and excites me the most is getting our website updated with new pictures from the summer and implementing all the new changes we are making for next summer. Stay tuned, those changes are coming up in my next blog!

We hope your summer has been going well and you will get everything you want and need to get done before fall! We would love to hear about your summer and how things are going for you! We also welcome any new ideas that you may have for our programs offered next summer.

I wanted to share a couple pictures of Nikky taken a couple days ago by my close friend and professional photographer, Kate Loose from Seven Diamond Photography. The pictures say it all! She is doing well! I’m not saying that we won’t have more obstacles to overcome, as we know we will, but I’m saying that today, she is doing WELL! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. God is good!



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