Riding/Working Ranch Vacation

An authentic, rustic, western guest ranch experience of horseback riding, trail riding, trailing cattle, eating ranch cooked meals, dummy roping, chances to see wildlife, photo opportunities and hiking, …

Healing Retreat for Men & Women

Hope, Courage and Healing Retreat for Women. At Horses N Courage we bring the two together for a phenomenal 4 days and 3 nights in an experience that is so unique and healing it will change your life.

Accommodations & Meals Ranch Style

We are a rustic working guest ranch. You will be staying in our luxury camping tent accommodations. Enjoy rustic-ranch cooked meals with the full western fixings cooked and served outside in our ‘big open sky’ dining.

Family Owned & Operated Cattle Ranch

Kent, Sarah and their family love their ranching way of life and are passionate about sharing firsthand the authentic lifestyle of a rancher in the mountains of Sawmill Canyon!


Come join us for a Western Working Ranch Adventure in Montana!

Horses N Courage welcomes you to Sawmill Canyon in Martinsdale, Montana. Come to Big Sky Country and experience rustic Working Ranch Riding Vacations. Enjoy horseback riding, trail riding,  luxury camping tent accommodations, cattle drives, dummy roping and Healing Retreats.

The mountains are calling… come ride and relax in our piece of heaven!

Horses N Courage, LLC is family-owned and operated. We combine traditional Ranching culture with great western hospitality to make your experience one that you will never forget! There is no cell phone coverage or WIFI on the ranch — enjoy the time to unplug!

 Meet The Hereim Family:


Sarah and Kent married in 1992, and in 1997 they bought their cattle ranch, south of the Snowy Mountains in Judith Gap, Montana. Sarah and Kent raise cattle and horses on their ranch. Along with their cattle ranch, they own and operate a custom fencing business. Kent and Sarah’s family include two children at home on the ranch, Jordy and Nikky. Jordy lives and works on the ranch and in his spare time he helps out with the family custom fencing business. Nikky is a Freshman in High School. Casey, their oldest daughter is living her dream of being a 3rd grade teacher and is married to the love of her life, Nick Crowe. Nick is in law enforcement. Kent and Sarah are very proud of their children and consider them their greatest accomplishments.


Kent was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the mountains of central Montana. He grew up with his two brothers, whose days were spent riding horses, hunting and working on the family’s ranch. He attended college at Montana State University before he and Sarah settled down and purchased their ranch. Kent has worked with, ridden and trained horses his whole life. He enjoys ranching,riding, entering in ropings, going on pack trips, hunting, snowmobiling, starting colts, visiting with people, meeting new people, learning new ways of doing things, donating his time helping youth by putting on our local Horse, Indoor and Large animal show. His kind and gentle approach brings out the best in both horse and rider.


Sarah is a horsewoman, Mom and ranch wife who has a passion for helping and supporting others. Sarah has studied under under Christine Tremain for many years and has no plans to stop learning from her workshops, classes and retreats anytime soon. Christine is a licensed therapist, with many years of experience teaching group body-oriented and transpersonal therapies. Sarah had only known the traditional role that horses had played on her family’s ranch until she was introduced to horses healing humans. She attened a master’s level course and became certified in the Touched by a Horse™ Certification Program. It was then that she knew her life’s path was to partner with horses and be a catalyst for change.

Sarah co-facilitated a local bi-monthly support group for NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) until the program was conjoined into NAMI program in a bigger city. Sarah is certified to teach NAMI’S Family-to- Family Education Program. NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots organization that supports, educates and advocates for individuals with mental illnesses and their families. To learn more go about the grass root organization go to www.namimt.org/. Sarah enjoys reading, working in her yard, leather working, snowmobiling, improving her riding, roping at brandings and spending time with friends and family.

Kent, Sarah and their family love their ranching way of life and are passionate about sharing the authentic lifestyle of a rancher in central Montana!