Healing Retreats for Women Testimonials

Retreat Testimonial

I didn’t know anything about it. Just that I had an opportunity to spend a weekend with horses. The ranch is beautiful, surrounded by three different mountain ranges. Peaceful and quiet. Just what I needed at that very delicate time in my life. The Bunkhouse is just perfect. Warm and inviting with all of Sarah’s special touches. Sarah and her family are so special and welcome you with open arms. I felt loved from the moment I drove up into their driveway. Their four dogs are so happy to see you and just love all the attention you can give! Then, there are the horses. Who knew that horses had such an amazing connection with humans. Well, I didn’t. Not until that weekend and it was simply amazing. They are such wonderful creatures from God. I had no idea what I was looking for that weekend I went in September of 2013, but within a few hours of being there with Sarah, Jaimie and those beautiful, spiritual horses I knew exactly why I was there. I had one of the greatest weekends and learned so much about myself. If you are lost and not sure what to do, I highly recommend trying this out. You will be amazed. It could change your life. Thank you Sarah, Jaimie, Toy, Cowboy & Sweet ~Heather, Montana


Six weeks has passed since our family invaded your ranch with a bunch of city-slickers wanting to ride horses. I really want to thank you so very much for taking care of my family that cool, rainy, August morning. Besides being friendly and welcoming, you were also professional and compassionate. I appreciate your patience with the city folk, especially the kids. Those that rode had a wonderful time and will remember their experience the rest of their lives.Blessings! ~Pr. Mark, Montana


What a life-changing event! Learning, sharing, laughing, crying. I will be back. A special place with special people. I have been blessed beyond words. ~Beth, Illinois


What a powerful learning experience I had this weekend at Horses N Courage with Sarah Hereim and Carolyn Fitzpatrick. All of our learning and interaction with the horses was AMAZING. I can’t wait for the next one! ~Dianne, Montana