Accommodations & Meals

Outdoor Cooking

Enjoy rustic-ranch cooked meals with the full western fixings cooked and served outside in our ‘big open sky’ dining. You will enjoy big mountain breakfasts, hearty lunches and beef prepared evening meals. There’s nothing like eating a rustic, ranch cooked meal at our dining room table under the big sky. One evening we will enjoy s’mores around the campfire. If you require a special diet, be sure and note it on your contact form, so we can be prepared. You are also welcome to bring any alcohol, special soda or snacks you’d like to have during your stay. You can bring your own cooler, or let us know so that we will have an extra one available just for you.

Again, we do not offer alcoholic beverages, BYOB (Bring your own booze) is our policy. We welcome you to purchase any you may want before arriving.

Mountain Accommodations

We are a rustic working guest ranch. You will be staying in our luxury camping tent accomodations.

1outhouse2Luxury Camping Tents: Our clean, cozy luxury tents, sleeps 3 adults comfortably, but best fits 2. It is furnished with cots, sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, extra blankets, throw rug, lantern, lawn chair, a small table and wash bowl. The clean, old fashioned out house toilet is a short walk from your tent.

Shower: Our large, outdoor shower is a wood sided, self- standing structure with propane heated water. It sets behind cook tent, facing the trees, ensuring that you have the utmost privacy!

Pet Policy: Because we have pets of our own on the ranch, we are not able to accomodate other pets.

Bringing your own horses: Our insurance will not allow us to bring outside horses to the ranch.

* * Smoking: Is not allowed in the tents or while out riding. Please do not keep open food in tents, it could result in unwanted late night visitors.

   There is no cell phone coverage or WIFI on the ranch — enjoy the time to unplug!